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The last mobility planned in our project took place in Logroño, Spain,  between June 13 and 18.

Our last Erasmus mobility in Logroño-Spain- taught each of us a lot, from being more responsible and aware of what we were going through. We talked about very important and serious issues like the migration of refugees towards Europe. 


Those days in Logroño we also had a lot of fun with friends and teachers of other nationalities and we visited the city and its surrounding places. One day we were also welcomed by the Mayor of the city and we walked the Camino de Santiago till Navarrete. 

The stereotypes we had about each country changed, we tasted new dishes, good food and we also practised a lot on the language. We tested ourselves to be more independent and learnt to solve problems, we adapted to local life, different traditions and customs. 

It was indeed an unforgettable experience that each of us would like to do again. Erasmus is a unique experience that’s why  we will certainly recommend it to all school students.  

 Join Erasmus projects and enjoy the experiences! 


Italian Group visiting Logroño
Emanuela, Simone, Simona, Gaia, Tiziana, Anastasia, Leopoldo, Lucrezia


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The second mobility planned in our project took place in Antalya, Turkey, between May 12 and 18.

Travelling to turkey has been enriching for me as a personal and social way. I've been able to develop a more open-minded perspective related to new cultures and people. Furthermore, i've loved meeting new people and communicating with them even though we didn't speak the same language. Ángela Bengoechea

Esta es una oportunidad única para conocer a gente de diferentes países y sus diferentes formas de afrontar realidades similares a las nuestras. Una forma de acercar fronteras. Vega Domínguez 

When I was chosen for the journey I didn’t know about the country and the place where we were going. The experience was amazing and I discovered incredible places, I found friends from other places and I could know more about the inmigration problem in Europe and The world.  Gorka Echevarría. 


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The first mobility planned in our project took place in Lioni, Italy, between October 24 and 31.
It has been a very enriching training experience for all the students who were part of it.


This project seemed like an incredible idea to me the first time I heard about it, and then, after taking part in it, I still think it is an amazing thing.
The people that we met were incredibly nice and treated us so well since the day we arrived. We visited tons of beautiful places. But above all, we learned about people in the world who are going through a very hard situation, and I hope we helped them. I’m very thankful for having had this opportunity. 
Ana (Spain)

The week in Lioni was one of my most memorable weeks in my life. We had so much fun. It was nice that we visited so many beautiful places all together. I learned a lot about other cultures. And I am really happy that now I have friends over the world. The oppurtunity to participate in this kind of project was really cool. 
Kaisa (Estonia) 

 El proyecto fue una experiencia increíble, conocer a gente de otros países y poder hablar con todos independientemente del idioma y cultura. I made a lot of friends and I strongly recommend this project to those who are interested in a exchange program. I hope to repeat the experience some day. 

Giovanna (Spain)

My experience in Italy has been wonderful, there was always a very good atmosphere among all the students who participated in the project despite the fact that none of us had the same mother tongue and many did not speak English. And just as I expected, the recording days were very funny and interesting. 
Lucila (Spain)

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